In 2015 after two months of walking on the street to my studio through mainly suburban and urban landscapes I decided to revolt agains the constructed environment and find a new way to get there. 

From my journal Spring 2015:

"Greenways explores the ideas of personal places and belonging through drawing physical boundaries in space. In this project I am interacting with the landscape behind my living quarters in Palolo Valley. This is an area of thick jungle and is accessible only by foot. As I search to find peace in an urban metropolis I have retreated to where I feel most at home, in nature. In this space I have started to draw a line, a line through banyan trees, strawberry guava, bracken ferns, mud and stone. I am making a place that I can call my own, making a trail from my house to my studio, from dwelling space to creating space. I am developing a method of thoroughfare completely in a natural setting as an alternative to Palolo Avenue, Waialae Ave, and Dole Street, areas which I find personally chaotic. As I create my own system of navigation, my own territory,  I find my place in the area I frequent. I can now navigate through the mountains more intuitively than the streets of Honolulu."  

Link to interactive GoogleMap of Greenway #1:

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