“History has left in us an infinity of traces…[t]he task is to compile an inventory of the traces that history has left in us.”

- Antonio Gramsci


This project is currently in the preliminary production satges and is sceduled to begin in 2018 continuing indefinitely until its completion.

The concept of this walk is to trace the steps of my colonial settler and immigrant ancestor James Lee Boggs from his 18th century homestead in present day Ashe County, North Carolina to his 19th century homestead in Big Stone Gap, Virginia from where his lineage disseminated into the Cumberland Mountains and beyond. 

Using historical records of his land parcels, historical trading and migratory routes of the area I will walk the approximated route of his migration into the frontier lands of Western Virginia. The route will follow the Wilderness Road blazed by explorer Daniel Boone in the late 18th Century as well as other historical traces. However unlike J.L. Boggs walking into the then wilderness of Virginia I will walk out of it, follwing his steps back to his origins, ultimately leading to his supposed place of birth in Londonderry, Ireland. From Ireland I will research and traverse the landscape looking for clues of J.L.’s family. Historical records lead me then to Dumbartonshire, Scotland where the Boggs family supposedly diverged from Clan Livingstone of Callendar. Through mapping my familial immigrant and exile history by walking the approximated paths of my ancestors I hope to shed light on this legacy of immigration. This, I believ will connect these past migratory patterns with those of the present day both of my family and the greater human diaspora. 

Link to interactive Google Map of I'M/MIGRANT:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AfuZ9MXpY82ivFlSZYwAtxZlsq8&usp=sharing

*Imagery produced at http://www.brianfolts.com/driver/ using Google Street View photography.

*Imagery produced at http://www.brianfolts.com/driver/ using Google Street View photography.