"Memory, like the mind and time, is unimaginable without physical dimensions; to imagine it as a physical place is to make it into a landscape in which its contents are located, and what has locations can be approached. That is to say, if memory is imagined as a real space--a place, theater, library--then the act of remembering is imagined as a real act, that is as a physical act : as walking"        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Rebecca Solnit



In a search for the essence of home I concluded that, for myself, home is a feeling, something constructed by my intellect and emotions, then following that definition I decided to run home. I calculated the distance from Mānoa, Hawaiʻi to Harlan, Kentucky, a short 4,522 miles), a day’s travel by plane. The seeds of Re/Collection were planted, as I sought to walk the length of the distance from unfamiliarity to home while being restricted to the geographic parameters of the Island of Oʻahu. The idea was that once the distance was completed I would have spent the time and had the experiences to know myself in that place. 

Re/Collecting is the physical manifestation my personal experiences, the collection and display of souvenir objects, and how these subjects relate to the way time and memory influence my perception of places. In this artwork I have explored the avenues down which I could develop a personal relationship with the places I enhabit. I have investigated these topics through examining the importance of objects used as signifiers of experience as well as the roll these objects play in cultivating a strong understanding of my relationship to a place. 

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