Completed during 2015,  RISK/REWARD was a experience focused  treasure hunt which took place on the heavily used hiking trail of east  O'ahus Ko'olau Mountains. I placed a number of handmade, ceramic, trophies across the landscape that was photographed, mapped and located to be found by the unsuspecting hiker. They were not hidden, but placed in areas that were easily accessible to anyone on the trails. Through the website and linked QR code the objects could be hunted as well as found serendipitously. Regardless of the approach the participants were be awarded a trophy to keepas a reminder of their efforts in finding the piece. 

Each trophy was placed accompanied by a smartphone scannable QR code and web address which lead to the projects website. As a final step of the project I asked that the participants write a short description, poem, or story about their experience  of when the found the trophy and send that evidence to my email address. I placed over thirty trophies across the landscape all of which were taken by wilderness pedestrians. While I received only one response via email and one in person encounter with a trophy holder, I consider the project a success. 

The goal for myself as the artist was to help facilitate the growth of fortified memories for those who hiked the trail and found a trophy. Using this interruptionist method I hoped to hijack the memory of the hikers while adding the trophy objects to their experience and heightening their awareness of their accomplishments.